Smithwick General

Smithwick I.D. – General Guidelines

These guidelines are for the Smithwick lures made of WOOD.

Stamped name:

Smithwick stamped their name on most everythig they made for sale. I have found the name of several lures stamped on the Black Back of a lure. It took a maginfying glass to see it but it was there. So, first thing, look for a name.

Both of these one a kind lures are stamped: Devils Horse.

Pradco bought Smithwick Lures in 1993. Pradco did not stamp names on their lures. Smithwick made blanks, painted them and put hardware on them for other companies to sell under their brand. Other companies made many lures with a Smithwick look. It does become difficult to tell them apart.

    Smithwick advertised to make lures for other companies.

Hook Hangers:

Look at the hook hanger. In the very early years Smithwick used screw eyes. But when production increased, they used what I call a heavy hook hanger. They used this hanger until about 1955. From 1955 into the 1990’s they used a lighter hook hanger. 

Screw Eye
Heavy Hook Hanger 
Light Hook Hanger


Look at the eyes. On this site we show the progression in the eyes. It is located under the tab, COLORS/SMITHWICK EYES. The chart is not all inclusive but is a good guide.

Decal of eyes to be applied to the lures.


On this site we have a lot of picutres of Non-Smithwick lures. It helps to spend some time looking at them It is located on this site under the tab, I.D. / Non-Smithwick.


If you have any questions on identifying a lure as Smithwick or Non-Smithwick, just send me an email and I will try to help.
Alan Peters Creator