Charts New Additions

I do not: BUY – TRADE – SELL. Therefore, New Additions means, PICTURES. I gather pictures to place on this site for your viewing pleasure and information.

Do you have any older Lure / Box / Chart combinations in your collection. There may be a lot we could learn if we had a set of pictures to examine.

We could also use copies of any individual lure identification charts you may have. We look at them to see if it shows a different list of lures. We check the list of colors to see if it is different that similar charts we may have.

Any pictures you can share would be most appreciated. They will be put on the website for all to see.

If you would like to share but don’t want to tip your hand on whats in your collection, we can list it as from an anonymous collector. Otherwise we will be happy to list you as the sharing collector.


This picture is of a Stud Duck in the Top-N-Bottom Box. The box is stamped: A 107. “A” is for Stud Duck. Color 107 is shown on the 1948 chart as Shiner. The early charts were not in color. They just listed the color. This allows us to see what color 107 was. It is very similar to the color # 16 on the 1958 chart. Black Shiner. However it is just Black Scale without the heavy Silver over spray up front and does not have the Red Chin.

This illustrates the importance of having pictures of Top-N-Bottom Era lures in the box. It allows us to put a visual image of a color with the color name. I do not remember where this picture came from. BUT, I really appreciate the person who shared this picture.


This is one of the last lure identification charts that I picked up. It was folded up inside the box with the lure. These are great sources of information. Sometimes we can identify unknown colors by the color stamp on the box and matching it to the color number on the chart. This one happens to be number 8 Shad. This is a chart we did not have before. I am certain that we are still missing many charts for the period of 1947-1962.

King Snipe with heavy hook hanger. It comes in the older 1 1/4″ high box. A GREAT FIND !