Numbered List

A-100Devils Horse Musky (3 hook – 2 spinners)
A-400, S-700 Snake Head ¼ oz
A-600Devels/Devils Horse Prancer 3/16 oz
A-700Rooter Jr. ¼ oz (no ball weight)
A-700Rooter Jr. ¼ oz (w/ball weight)
A-800Pacer with Droopy Eyes
A-800Devils Horse/Pacer 1/3 oz
A-900Scooter 1/3 oz
A-900Scooter ¼ oz (Buck & Bawl Jr. w/ one spinner)
Red card stamped Scooter. Lure stamped..Buck & Bawl JR.)
A-900Butterfly – with tail
A-900Butterfly – no tail
A-1000Devels/Devils Warhorse 1/4 oz (uses Dancer blank)
A-1100Buck & Bawl Jr. ¼ oz (single spinner)
A-1100Buck & Bawl Jr. 1/4 oz (two spinners)
A-1200Rogue ¼ oz (combination) 3 ½
A-1300Rogue ¼ oz (sinker)
A-1300Water Gator 1/4 oz
A-1400Pony-Tail ¼ oz
A-1500Devels Horse Rooter (not sure what it is)
A-1500Rogue ¼ oz (lipless w/tail weight)
A-1600Devels Horse Stud (Small version)
???????Devels Horse Stud (Large Size)
A-2000Lobo ½ oz
A-2200Wood Chug ¼ oz (small version)
???????Wheel Horse (small version)
A-3000Bo-Jack 3/8 oz
B-100Devils Horse Musky (3 hook – 1 spinner)
B-200Devils Horse Musky (3 hook)
B-400?Devels Horse Rooter – (perhaps the Razorback Rooter with hook on bottom or F-100 body Rooter with hook out the back)
B-400?Devels Horse Rooter – Perhaps the F-100 with the rear hook out the back.
B-700Rooter 1/3oz
B-900Devels/Devils Horse Ma Scooter ¼ oz
B-1000Devels Warhorse 1/3 oz (uses L-100 Devels Horse blank)
B-1000Gandy Dancer (second version) no ball weight
B-1000Gandy Dancer (second version) w/ball weight
B-1200Walking Scorpion 3/8 oz (red bead – 1961)
B-1200Rogue 1/3 oz (combination) 4 ½”
B-1200Rattlin’ Rogue 1/3 oz 4 ½”
B-1300Rogue 1/3 oz – (sinker)
B-1300Water Gator ½ oz
B-1300Water Gator – No Tail ½ oz
B-1500Devels Horse Rooter (We believe it is the F-100 body)
(rear hook on the bottom)
B-1500Rogue (lipless w/tail weight)
B-1500Horse Shoe 3/16 oz
B-2000Lobo ¾ oz
B-2200Wood Chug 3/8 oz (large version) 1965
B-2200Wood Chug 3/8 oz (lg version – later named Wheel Horse)
Chart from somewhere between 1966 and 1972
B-3000Bo-Jack ½ oz
C-100Devils Warhorse Musky (3 hook)
C-200Devils Horse Musky (two hook)
C-700Devils Horse Rooter 1/3 oz
C-700Devils Horse Salt Horse
??????Scooter (Pa Scooter body)
C-900Devels/Devils Horse Pa Scooter ½ oz
??????Devels Horse Pa Scooter w/rubber legs
C-1000Devels Warhorse 1/3 oz (F-200 body – two hook)
C-1000 (I-1000)Devels/Devils Toothpick 3/16 oz
C-1200Rogue ½ oz (5 ½”)
CA-1000Balsa Jack 1/16 oz
CB-1000Balsa jack ¼ oz
CC-1000Balsa Jack 3/8 oz
CD-1000Balsa Jack ½ oz
C-1500Devels Horse Rooter (We believe it is the F-200 body)
C-2200Wood Chug (Later called Wheel Horse – large version) 1965
C-2200Wood Chug ( large version) between 1966 and 1972
D-700Rooter 3/8 oz
D-1000Devels Warhorse 1/3 oz
DB-1200Rogue – Deep Diving 1/3 oz
DBR-1200Deep Rattlin’ Rogue 1/3oz 4 ½”
DC-1200Rattlin’ Rogue ½ oz 5 ½”
DRC-1200Deep Rattlin’ Rogue 1/2oz 5 ½”
DC-3000Deep B0-Jack 3/8 oz
E-700Rooter ½ oz
E-1000Devils Warhorse 1/3 oz (F-100 body 3 hook)
F-100Devels/Devils Horse 3/8 oz
F-100 ?Devels Horse – Weedless
F-200, Series 200Devels/Devils Horse ½ oz
F-200 ?Devels Horse – Weedless
F-300Devils Horse
F-400, Series 400King Snipe 3/8 oz (1st King Snipes were called – Series 400)
F-500Devels/Devils Horse Fly ¼ oz
F-600, Series 600Devels/Devils Horse Prancer ¼ oz
(1st Devels Horse Prancers were called – Series 600)
F-700Devels/Devils Horse Dancer ¼ oz
F-700Devels Horse Dancer (skinny)
F-1000Devels/Devils Warhorse ¼ oz (renamed – Carrot Top)
F-1100Buck & Bawl 3/8 oz (second version)
F-2000Chug Horse
HB-1200Holey rogue 1/3 oz 4 ½” (fills with water)
I-1000Devels Toothpick (later re-numbered C-1000)
I-1000War Horse Musky – (3 hook)
IBF-100Devils Horse – Jingle Jumper
JBF-100Devils Horse – Jingle Bob
JBF-200Devils Horse – Jingle Bob
JBC-1000Devils Toothpick – Jingle Bob
K-1000Devils Warhorse ½ oz (F-200 body – three hook) (Jumper)
L-100Devels/Devils Horse (two hook)
M-1000War Horse Muski (2 hook)
RA-1200Rattlin’ Rogue 1/4oz 3 ½”
RB-1200Rattlin’ Rogue 1/3 oz 4 ½”
RC-1200Rattlin’ Rogue 1/2oz 5 ½”
S-100, Series 100 Devels Horse (Sinker) ½ oz
(1st Devels Horse Sinker was called– Series 100)
S-100Devils Horse Sinker (with ball weight in front)
S-200Devils Horse Sinker ½ oz
S-300, Series 300Jack Sprat (second version) 1/3 oz
(second version originally called – Series 300)
S-300Devils Horse Racehorse ¼ oz
S-400Razorback Rooter 3/8 oz
S-400Devels Horse Rooter ¼ oz (3 ¼”)
S-700, A-400Snake Head ¼ oz
S-700Devils Horse Rooter (Snake head w/name change)
S-700Devels Horse Dancer 1/3 oz (Sinker)
S-900Butterfly – Sinker
SA-1300Tail Gator ¼ oz
SB-1200Rogue (metal lip)
SB-1300Tail Gator ½ oz
SRB-1200Spoonbill Deep diving Rogue 3/8 oz
SSRB-1200Deep Float Rattlin’ Rogue 3/8 oz (Suspending)
T-100Horse Fly (second version)
T-200Horse Fly (second version)
X-100High Roller ½ oz
X-200High roller ¼ oz
Tootsie Bug (second version) Like a Bass Buster – w/spinners
Tootsie Bug (second version) like Bass Buster – w/tail weight
Sea Horse (Musky size)
Series 100Sugar Daddy Jigs 1/4 oz , 3/8 oz, 5/8 oz
Series 500Series 500 The Clown – Single Spin
Series 550The Clown – Double Spin
Series 600Flutter Tail Worm 6”
Series 650Flutter Tail Lizard 6 ½”
Series 750Flutter Tail worm 7 ½”
Series 800The Joker – Single Spin
Series 850The Joker – Double Spin
Series 950Flutter Tail Worm 9”
Series 1100Bass Bandido 1/4 oz, 3/8oz, 1/2 oz
Series 1300The Flutter Spoon 5/8 oz
Series 1800Water-Wobbler 3/8 oz 4 ¾” (aka Water-Walker)
Series 1900It’s a NO-No – Single Spin
Series 1950It’s a NO_NO – Double Spin
Series 5000The Streaker worm 6”
Series 5000The Strutter 4”
Series 6000The Streaker Worm 4”
Series – TWTall Walker
Series 100Devil Horse Sinker
Series 200Devil Horse Floater
Series 300Jack Sprat
Series 400King Snipe
Series 500My Pet
?????My Per (second version – Buck & Bawl Jr. body)
Series 500Devels Horse Rooter 3/8 oz (“H” Well Digger)
Series 600Tootsie Bug (backwards)
Series 600Devels Horse Prancer ¼ oz
Series 700Tootsie Bug (forward)
Series 800Walking Scorpion 3/8 oz (bucktail) (original 1949)
Series 900Walking scorpion (Rubber Skirt Tail)
Series 1000Smithwick Special 1/3 oz
Series 1100Gandy Dancer
Series 1200Stud Duck