Smithwick – Dating

There are several things to look at when trying to get an approximate date of manufacture on a specific lure. These include: Packaging, Charts,  Hook Hangers, Colors, and Eyes. 


We have a place on this site where we show the progression of the boxes and packaging. It is located under the tab General:  GENERAL/BOXES,ADV,ARTICLES,MISC/ BOXES. 

Smithwick first used zip codes on their packaging in 1973.

Year of Production: 

We have a place on this site that lists the Smithwick Lures listed by year of production. You will find it at the Tab: CATAGORIES / LURES BY THE YEAR.


We have all the available charts posted on this site. Spend some time on them. You can follow the progression in lures and colors on these charts;

Hook Hangers

Look at the hook hanger on the wood lures. In the very early years Smithwick used screw eyes. But when production increased, they used what I call a heavy hook hanger. They used this hanger until about 1955. From 1955 into the 1990’s they used a lighter hook hanger. 


One of the charts on this site helps you follow the changes in the colors. I developed a chart that does NOT show the lures for the year. It only shows the colors and the changes that take place from 1958 to 1992. You can find it on this site at: COLORS / CHARTS / COMPOSITE CHART 1958-1992. It will help you track down a color that may have changed several times over the years.


The shape and color of the eyes changes over the years. Go to the Tab: COLORS / SMITHWICK EYES. 

If you have any questions on identifying an approximate date of manufacturer on a lure, just send me an email and I will try to help.