I do not: BUY - TRADE - SELL. Therefore, New Additions means, PICTURES. I gather pictures to place on this site for your viewing pleasure and information.


Do you have a picture of an OLD Smithwick lure you would like to share? Old heavy hook hanger lures or uncharted colors?

Any color Top-N-Bottom lures would be great as well. 

If you would like to share but don't want to tip your hand on whats in your collection, we can list it as from an anonymous collector. Otherwise we will be happy to list you as the sharing collector.

Aug 2019

Two more pictures from Ray Wiggins. Ray has sent us pictures of individual lures in the past. Today he is sharing pictures of his collection. When I was collecting I had a very large collection. But size alone does not measure a collection. Check out these pictures. Ray has lures I never had. I only dreamed of having a Wanderer. He has a super one in the color Rainbow. Just under the Smithwick patch he has a Tootsie Bug in White with Black Stripes and at the bottom of the picture a Weedless Horse Fly in Coach Dog, Black and White. I didn't have examples of either of these lures in my collection. Also a great display of other very early Smithwick lures.

 IMG 1334

In this picture we have a nice collection of Smithwick Musky lures. Again he has one I never had. He has located the hard to find 2 hook Musky in a White with Blue Back. Overall, a GREAT collection. We really appreciate has sharing with us. If you have a Smithwick collection with OLDER lures, Special Colors or One of a Kind Lures, please share with us.

IMG 1341

 The above pictures are posted here in the "New Additions" section and under the "General Tab", "Other Collections". Please check them out as we have some very good collections shown.

Aug 2019

These pictures were sent to us by Ray Wiggins. He obtained this lure from a lady who said it belonged to to her grandfather and that her grandfather was a friend of Jack Smithwick. This is a Top-N-Bottom lure in a Red and Black color. The very first Top-N-Bottom chart that we have (1947) shows a color #122 Black and Red. Perhaps that is the color of this early lure. Thank You, Ray for all your help in growing this site for the befefit of all Smithwick Collectors.

 IMG 1325

IMG 1323

July 2019

In the early 1940's, Jack K. Smithwick worked as a salesman for the Friden Calculator Sales Agency. He was trying to come up with a way to attract new customers and promote the business. Today many businesses use give away ink pens with the company name on them. As a boy Jack had enjoyed carving fishing lures. He decided to use fishing lures as his give away novelty item. He would carve them and give them to clients and prospective clients. He would print the company name on them. 

This is one of those lures. It does have the name Friden Calculator stamped on the lure. This lure will later become the Top-N-bottom Gandy Dancer when Jack Smithwick leaves Friden Calculator Co. and starts the Smithwick Lure Co. These pictures come from Claude McMorris. Thank You Claude.

IMG 6387

IMG 6385

March 2019

The next 14 pictures were submitted by Claude McMorris. He sent many more and they are posted in a folder on this site. To view them, go to to the "General" tab and scroll down to, "Claude McMorris Collection".

The first 5 pictures are part of his collection. There is a lot of eye candy and many unique colors and lures.

100 5084

100 8446

100 8447

20180717 162552

20180717 1655430

The next 2 pictures show a one of a kind Smithwick lure. It is the 5" Carrot Top Musky. It is displayed next to the Musky Salt Horse. It is simply stamped "Devils Horse".

20190202 124831 0

IMG 6167

The next 3 pictures show the limited production lure called the Tootsie Bug. It uses the name of a Smithwick lure that was produced between 1951 and 1953 and was discontinued. This newer version looked very similar to the Ridge Runner Hustler. The first picture shows the Hustler box and the Hustler lure just below it. The Smithwick Tootsie Bug is at the bottom of that picture. The Tootsie bug came with spinners front and back and also without spinners but with a ball weight on the rear.

IMG 6162

20190202 130711

20190202 130643

This next picture is a uncatalogued Smithwick lure that was produced prior to 1954. One of a kind.

20190202 130459

Next we have 3 pictures of early King Snipes. The first one is in the very early color: Green with White Ribs. Could be from the first year of King Snipe production.

20190202 130958

This next Snipe is also pre 1954 in an uncharted color. Blue Back with Silver Ribs. Very Cool.

20190202 131022

Another early King Snipe in an uncharted color. A Red Eye in a Yellow and Black combination.

20190202 131048

We wish to thank Claude McMorris for all of these great examples of early Smithwick lures. Check out his other pictures under the "General" tab.


March 2019

Chad Gilbert sent me the following pictures. Box stamped C-1084 from Championship Tackle. It appears to be a painted lip Balsa Jack in a shrink wrap box. The box is stamped P.O. Box 1205 which is the Smithwick P.O. Box. Apparently Smithwick was selling them under both brands, Championship Tackle and Smithwick. Chad, thanks for sharing.

BalsaJack 1

BalsaJack 2

BalsaJack 3


Ray Wiggins came through again. His buddy, Dusty Manor found this fantastic Stud Duck Combo in Canton and passed it on to Ray. We can't thank these two guys enough for sharing these pictures with us. It is almost as fresh as the day it left the factory in about 1949. It is in color number 7, Shiner.





February 2019

What a way to start the new year. Thanks to Ray Wiggins we have 5 great new lures for you to enjoy!!

The lure pictured below is a Top-N-Bottom Wanderer. It is 2 1/2" long and in the color #106 Rainbow. It is shown on the 1948 chart. These are extremely rare. I never was able to add one of these to my collection when I had it. Just beautiful.

IMG 0072

Here is a picture of the other side of the Wanderer.

IMG 0073

The lure pictured below is a Horse Fly. This Horse Fly blank came out in 1985. It came in two sizes 2" and 2 3/8". I am just working with the picture so I do not know which size blank it is. But it is a "Weedless" version. I have never seen one of these and this weedless version is un-charted. It is in the color #28 Coach Dog, Black & White. Great find Ray.

IMG 0074

The lure pictured below is a 700 Tootsie Bug  They were produced from about 1951 to 1953. The color looks to be a Silver Rib over perhaps White body. This is a color I have never seen before and is an un-charted color.Really cool. Ray, you realy know how to find them.

IMG 0075

The lure pictured below is a Jack Sprat. They were produced from about 1951 to 1958. The color is un-charted. It is missing the forward hook and hanger.

IMG 0076

The lure pictured below is a Devels Horse Stud. They are an un-charted lure produced from about 1958 to 1962. They came in two sizes: the small one was 2' long and the larger one was 2 1/2" long. This appears to be the smaller one. It is in the color #10, Black & White Stripper.

IMG 0077

I want to again thank Ray Wiggins for sharing these pictures for all Smithwick collectors to see and enjoy. 

If you enjoy seeing pictures like this, please take a moment and send us pictures of Smithwick treasures you have tucked away in your collection.

December 2018

The lure pictured below was shared with us several years ago by Steve Barrow. It is a S-200 Devils Horse Sinker. This must have been a very limited production lure. It does not show up on any of the lure charts we have. It is the only one we have ever seen. It was produced sometime after 1963. Thank You Steve.

Devils Horse S 200

November 2018

The lure pictured below is an F-200 with heavy hook hangers. It is stamped: DEVELS Horse Floater. It is in the color# 3 Red Head. It was produced somewhere between 1952 and 1955. We really appreciate George Foster for sharing this with us.



The lure pictured below is an uncatalogued Rooter. The lure uses the Devels Horse F-100 blank. It is stamped: DEVELS Horse Rooter. It was produced somewhere between 1956 and 1962. It was listed on Ebay. We want to thank Ray Wiggins - TX for sharing this picture with us.

SOLD on Ebay on for $51 - Somebody got a real deal on this one.



October 2018

The picture below is a Spin Lill lure. This lure was made by the Spin Lill Lure Co. in Shreveport LA. It is stamped: Spin Lill. It is in a color that looks a lot like the Smithwick Color #9, Perch. The eyes are similar to the Smithwick eyes except they are more round. It is a good Smithwick look-alike lure (Non-Smithwick). This picture was shared with us by Wayne Marquis. We really appreciate his contribution to helping expand this site.



The picture of the lure below comes to us courtesy of an Ebay seller. He gave us permission to copy this picture. It is a A-1000 Devels Warhorse in the color: Yellow with White Ribs. It has the light hook hanger. It comes with a 1" 2 piece cardboard box. They started using the 1" box in about 1957 and changed the names from DEVELS to Devils in 1963. It was produced between 1957 and 1962. It is as clean as the day it left the factory floor. 

SOLD on Ebay for $95

A 1000 eb1

September 2018

The picture of the lure below comes to us courtesy of an Ebay seller. He gave us permission to copy this picture. This lure was produced about 1965.

This a C-2200 Wheel Horse. It is in an uncharted color.

SOLD on Ebay on a Buy-it-Now for $20 - What a Bargin

Wheel Horse C 2200 eb


The picture of the lure below comes to us courtesy of an Ebay seller. He gave us permission to copy this picture.

This is an F-200 DEVELS Horse with the heavy hook hangers. The hangers and the color tells us that this lure was made between 1953 and 1955. It is in the charted color: Yellow with Silver Ribs. This color is first seen on the chart from about 1953. The heavy hook hangers were only in use up to about 1955.

SOLD on Ebay for $65

DH200HH 17 EB1


The picture of the lure below was listed on Ebay.

It is an old King Snipe with heavy hook hanger. It is in the color Yellow with Black Ribs. It has the Red / Yellow / Black eyes. It was produced sometime between 1951 and 1955.

SOLD on Ebay for $203

KS eb2

The picture of the lure below was listed on Ebay.

It is a B-1000 DEVELS Warhorse with the light hook hanger. It is in an uncharted color. Black with various color spots. It was produced somewhere between 1955 and 1958.

SOLD on Ebay for $200

DW eb1