DEVELS Toothpick - I-1000
The original number on the Devels Toothpick was ... I-1000.. It then changed to the C-1000.
This is one of the earliest Toothpicks I have seen. It is stamped Devels Toothpick. It is longer than the Toothpicks in later years. The later ones are 2 3/4" long. This one is 3 1/8" long. It is in the color # 4 Green Minnow. The hardware is different than the later ones. It does not have a ball weight. The hooks are different sizes. This is what I call a version one Toothpick.

The I-1000 Devels Toothpick did not make the charts we have available. The C-1000 Devels Toothpick first showed up in the charts in 1961. In the early 1960's a Musky lure came out using the number I-1000.

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