Rooters 1956 - 1962

This is an array of 6 Devels Horse Rooters. 1. Snake Head in in un-cataloged color - Yellow w/Black Spots; 2. Razorback Rooter in White w/Black Stripes; 3. S-400 Devels Horse Rooter in un-cataloged color - Yellow/Gold Scale w/Black Back; 4. Un-cataloged lure and color - Devels Horse Rooter using F-100 body and rear hook on the belly - color Black w/Spots in Red, Green, White; 5. Un-cataloged lure in Shad. Devels Horse Rooter using F-100 body with rear hook coming directly out the back; 6. Un-cataloged lure and color. Devels Horse Rooter using F-200 body in Yellow w/Black Spots. The only lure missing from this array is the Well Digger which was the first of the Rooter line.

S-700 (A-400) Snake Head

The Snake Head was available in 1961. It used the numbers S-700 and A-400

S-400 (B-400) Razorback Rooter

This lure is only shown on the 1958 chart. S-400 Razorback Rooter. In 1960 a new Rooter is shown on the chart. It is the S-400 Devels Horse Rooter and uses the Devels Horse Dance blank. The Razorback Rooter also used the number B-400

S-400 Rooter

The S-400 Devels Horse Rooter uses the Devels Horse Dancer blank. It shows up on only the 1960 chart.

Devels Horse Rooter

We don't have a number for this rooter. It used the same blank as the F-100 DEVELS Horse Floater. This rooter came in two styles. One with the rear hook comming directly out of the rear of the body. The second one has the rear hook on the bottom at the rear of the lure. These are uncharted lures.

C-1500 Rooter

The C-1500 Devels Horse Rooter uses the same blank as the F-200 Devels Horse Floater. This is an uncharted lure.

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