Advertising - History

Apparently Smithwick did not do much advertising in the early years. They advertised in the  newspaper in 1949 for the Walking Scorpion, 1949 for the Gandy Dancer and the 1951 for the King Snipe.


Advertising -1949 to 1951

Smithwick placed newspaper ads for:

1949 ad for the Walking Scorpion (photocopy).
1949 ad for the Gandy Dancer (original Ad).
1951 ad for the King Snipe (original AD).

Advertising - 1956

Richards & Conover Wholesale Catalog. They had locations in Kansas City and Oklahoma City.

Listing: They listed the F-100 Devels Horse, F-600 Prancer and the B-1000 Warhorse in 5 colors. 

Advertising - 1957

Has a listing for the S-100 Devils Horse.

Advertising - 1958

Wholesaler, Richards and Conover Catalogue. Locations in: Kansas City, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. 

Listing: F-100 Devels Horse, F-200 Devels Horse, B-900 Ma Scooter, F-600 Prancer, B-1000 Devels Warhorse.

Advertising - 1959

Cullum & Boren Wholesale Catalog from Dallas, TX.

Listing: This page has a listing for the DEVELS series baits. S-100, F-100, F-200, F-700, B-900, B-1000. This listing is significant and may help to date un-dated color chart.

Advertising - 1960

Cullum & Boren Wholesale Catalogue listing for the DEVELS series baits. It lists: F-100, S-100, F-200, F-700, B-900, B-1000. This listing is significant and may help to date undated color charts as well.

Sutcliffes Catalogue. Has a listing for the S-100 Devels Horse, F-100 Devels Horse, F-200 Devels Horse and the B-900 Devels Horse Ma Scooter.


Advertising - 1961

Markwort Sporting Goods. They were located in St. Louis, MO. It shows the S-700 Snake Head, F-100 Devels Horse, F-700 Devels Horse Dancer, B-900 Devels Horse Ma Scooter and the C-900 Devels Horse Pa Scooter.

Advertising - 1963

J.T. Lloyd & Co. wholesale catalog. They were located in Little Rock, Arkansas. They list the F-100 Devels Horse, F-200 Devels Horse, B-1000 Devels Warhorse, F-700 Devels Horse Dancer, S-300 Race Horse, A-700 Devils Horse Rooter, C-200 Devils Horse (Muskie Size). The C-200 was stocked in only one color, No. 9 Yellow Perch. All the other lures were stocked in all 17 colors. Color No. 19 is listed as Blue Striper. We have never seen this color in the color charts before. Also note the the listings refer to "Devels" and "Devils". 1962 or 1963 must hve been the year they changed the name to Devils.

Advertising - 1964

Bill's Sporting Goods. Bill's Sporting Goods was located in Madison, Indiana. The 1964 Fishing Tackle catalog looks exactly like the pages from the 1964 Sutcilles Catalog. Perhaps Bill's Sporting Goods bought wholesale from Sutcliffes. Has an ad for "Devils Horse" : S-100, F-100, F-200, F-700, B-900.

Advertising - 1965

Smithwick Seeks to Mfg Lure for other companies.

Also Ad in 1965 Bronze Back Fishing Guide for the Devils Horse.

Advertising - 1966

1966 Fullers Wholesale Catalog.  Fullers was located in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Shows the F-200 Devils Horse and the Musky Size C-200 Devils Horse. They only stocked 6 colors.

Advertising - 1967

June - Fishing News Magazine. Ad by the Bioston Store in the magazine for Devils Warhorses. This includes the Devils Horse, Devils Toothpick, Devils Warhorse and Devils Horse Rooters.

Advertising - 1968

Fishing News Magazine. Jack Smithwick says " I put spinners on some models to catch fishermen.. not fish.. The Warhorse without spinners is MY fish catcher".

Sutcliffe's Spring Catalogue. Has a listing for: S-100 Devils Horse, F-100 Devils Horse, F-200 Devils Horse, F-700 Devils Horse (Dancer), B-900 Devils Horse (Ma Scooter) A-2200 Wood Chug, C-2200 Wood Chug, A-900 Butterfly.

Advertising - 1969

Fishing Facts Magazine. Introduces the Water Gater. Also has Ad placed by Smithwick for the Water Gater, Warhorse, Devils Horse and Rooters. It names Fishing Facts as their contact point in the Northern States for Mail Order, Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturer's Rep. This ad appears in the issues for: April, May, July, August, September, November and December.

Sutcliff's Catalogue has Smithwick ads.

Advertising - 1970

Multiple ads in Fishing Facts Magazine.

Advertising - 1971

Multiple ads for the Water Gater in Fishing Facts and Bassmaster Magazine.

Advertising - 1972

Mutiple ads throughout the year for the Water Gater.

Advertising - 1973

Smithwick AD ******* (NOW USING A ZIP CODE 71163) You can use for for dating hanging card stock.

Also MUST SEE .. Wiley Miller painting of Bass attacking a Smithwick.

Advertising - 1975

7 ads.. Some contain ad for Bass Bandido (Championship Tackle)

Advertising - 1976

American Bass Fisherman. Has an ad for both Smithwick Lures and Chanpionship Tackle, Inc.

Advertising - 1977

Bassmaster Magazine has ads for the Blinker, Bo Jack and Rattlin Balsa Jack.

Advertising - 1980

Spoonbill Rogue

Advertising - 1982

Rattlin' Rogue, Deep Diving Rogue

Advertising - 1983

Bass Pro, Cabela's, Okibug, The Tackle Shop

Advertising - 1984

Ad for Smithwick lures.

Advertising - 1985

Devils Toothpick, Horse Fly, Carrot Top, Devils Warhorse and F-100's

Advertising - 1986

Bass Pro

Advertising - 1987

Bass Pro and Others.

Advertising - 1988

Bass Pro

Advertising - 1989

Bass Pro

Advertising - 1990

Bass Pro and Cablea's

Advertising - 1991

Bass Pro

Advertising - 1992

Bass Pro

Advertising - 1993

Bass Pro

Advertising - 1994

Bass Pro

Advertising - 1995

Bass Pro

Advertising - 1996

Bass Pro

Advertising - 1997

Bass Pro

Advertising - 2000

Bass Pro

Advertising - 2001

Bass Pro

Advertising - 2005
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