This site is a result of 10 years of observations, research and collecting Smithwick lures. When I started, there was not much written information to guide the beginning collector. There were a few pages devoted to the subject in some of the Lure Collecting Books but it was very limited in scope.

The Master Smithwick Lure Collector was Ken Webb. He left behind the most comprehensive collection of Smithwick lures ever assembled. He sold some of it to other collectors but the biggest part of it resides at the Bass Pro Shop in Bossier City, LA. His collection is a lasting inspiration to all of us who follow.

While Ken Webb created the Master Collection of Smithwick Lures, we still did not have much written material to aid us in our collecting efforts. That guide and help was soon forthcoming from Adrien Delbasty. He wrote what has become the Bible on Smithwick Lures. It was contained in his book…… A Collector Guide To Louisiana’s Lure Companies. 

While Ken Webb started us down the road to Smithwick collecting , it was Adrien Delbasty who shined the light and guided our way. 

This is not to say that they did it all by themselves. They had a large group of collectors who helped them create and accomplish their respective endeavors. This is certainly the case with this book. This book would not have been possible without the help and input of every collector I have come in contact with. To all of you I want to express my thanks and gratitude.

I especially want to thank Claude McMorris. He asked me to make lists of the lures by category and date. He co-created many of the categories and listings in this book. I have tried to acknowledge his assistance at the bottom of the appropriate pages.

       Smithwick Lures     1947 – 1992
Alan Peters Creator